Amazon vs eBay, which is Safer 2022 Comparison

Amazon vs eBay, which is Safer 2022 Comparison
Amazon vs eBay, which is Safer 2022 Comparison

Are you considering selling your products on eBay and Amazon?

That’s a great decision.

As a matter of fact, eBay and Amazon are some of the best e-commerce sites for selling and buying products online. Yes, eBay has been around since the 1990s and is no longer the force it was back then.

eBay and Amazon get traffic in the millions every day. Amazon has overtaken it in most areas. But nobody can deny that both eBay and Amazon have a massive following worldwide, especially in the United States.

It is one of the most visited sites globally, and its customers are loyal. They keep coming back day after day, year after year, always hunting for the best deals. That’s why these both eCommerce sites are probably one of the best places to sell online.

There is a huge market for different online products – over 30 million people buy and sell products there. That is why selling on these sites is a wonderful business opportunity that you should certainly take advantage of.

But when you think about selling or buying on the best e-commerce sites like eBay versus Amazon, the excellent preference isn’t obvious.

Amazon vs eBay, which is Safer 2022 Comparison
Amazon vs eBay, which is Safer 2022 Comparison

There’s plenty to consider. Everything from selection, quality of products, buying expenses and time, and customer service, profit margins are all problems you want to feel.

To make this less difficult for you, we’re going to walk you through the pros and cons of buying at eBay and Amazon so that you can select the excellent choice earlier than clicking that “Buy” button! Or make a decision to sell there.

Amazon vs. eBay: Market Size

So which marketplaces can give you the most potential for selling your products online?

And which ecommerce is bigger to work to gain the profit margins? In 2020 Amazon has appreciably outpaced eBay in sales, posting a trailing three hundred and sixty-five days (TTM) sales of $321.seventy-eight billion in assessment to eBay’s sales of $10.seventy one billion.

Amazon’s internet profits were $13.18 billion for the trailing three hundred and sixty-five days versus $5.024 billion for eBay. eBay’s audience is a bit younger by comparison to Amazon because amazon’s audience is mature, that is, 45 to 54 age user persona, and you will also see the target where o a lot of competition.

Amazon vs. eBay: Competitiveness

Is eBay more competitive than Amazon?

On Amazon, you see all the product details, a clear listing per unique product where sellers provide their buyers with all the details with all the clear images and the EBC content. When you click on the product page with the buying perspective, you see a lot of sellers that are selling the same product, also called wholesalers. Even amazon also do the mee too with the profitable products. So you see a lot of competition there.

In wholesale business, you see a buy box strategy that amazon doesn’t tell them exactly how to win it. Still, wholesalers that have been working for years on amazon know about amazon’s algorithms. And they have generated their best strategies to implement those.

The difference in competition between eBay and Amazon might seem to favor eBay, at least for sellers. You actually have greater possibilities to get your product seen, and an audience who’re much more likely to spend time deliberating.

Amazon is ruthlessly competitive, with many distinctive sellers aiming for one single spot; the Buy Box. However, this will potentially work in your favor. If you’re sincerely providing the great merchandise for your area of interest on the great fee point, you may win the Buy Box greater frequently than now no longer and make large sales. But in maximum cases, eBay affords a greater affordable level for sellers.

Which is safer to work on? Amazon vs eBay

I think there are some things that you should know to avoid.

Don’t make negative or fake reviews on profiles if you are a seller.

For the reviews, you can apply the strategy of many chats.

Don’t give too much discount.

If you avoid these things, then both marketplaces will be the best and safer to work on.

Which is the big platform?

Amazon is a big platform as there are many sellers working and many more products than eBay. Also, there are 7 billion global sellers that are doing business.

There are 300 active million users of Amazon, and eBay has just 182 globally.

Pros and Cons of both



  1. There is crossing over potential million customers and sellers.
  2. It is a trusted platform.
  3. You can grow your brand on it.
  4. If you don’t want to create a brand, no worry, you can also do the “mee too” with other sellers. That is also called wholesale.
  5. It provides customer support.


  1. Amazon is not exactly telling about its Buy Box strategy.
  2. It charged a high fee.


  1. You can set up an account on eBay very easily.
  2. Very easy to sell upon it
  3. Global market


  1. You must pay fees, and those fee systems might also additionally change over time.
  2. It would be best if you competed with comparable sellers.
  3. You may also run the risk of not finishing up paid to your items if a purchaser would not pay.

Difference between Amazon vs eBay

Though many online retailers have been founded in the late ’90s, few had the staying strength of Amazon and eBay. The sites promote a wide range of products, from garments to big LEDs.

Though the two services started in awesome areas, they’ve evolved over the years to contain many of each other’s more successful elements.

However, there are a few key variations among the 2 websites of amazon and eBay.

Retailer and Wholesaler Diff

Amazon is a retailer store, at the same time as eBay is largely a wholesaler. A store exists to promote merchandise to a huge client base at an affordable fee. A wholesaler sells products at the lowest fee possible, generally to retailers who will resell the products to consumers.

In sensible terms, this indicates you may charge a better fee and make better earnings on Amazon (however be conscious that Amazon does take a hefty reduction out of the sale fee). It also means that Amazon may be a fantastic store to promote wholesale products through resellers.

Payment Process

If we talk about the payment process of both, then eBay is best because it directly pays you when you make a sale via PayPal and bills you at the end of the month. It provides you with a constant cash flow.

While amazon put the money in escrow for two weeks for covering the returns and refunds. So it doesn’t allow you to make a constant cash flow.

So in this regard, eBay is the best option if you need a constant cash flow but there is not one thing that helps you to decide where you sell in the future. Obviously, you decide by keeping all the factors in your mind.

You can also sell on both if you look at the competition. Amazon is too much competition, but if you sell a good profitable product, your chances will be higher to become a successful launcher. Just you need to leverage the techniques.

Find the best amazon services provider that is also called(amazon virtual assistant) to find the best profitable products for you to sell that have low competition with a high-profit margin, take care of your PPC, do profitable sourcing so you can get margins.

Don’t sell famous products like bedsheets, baby toys. There is a lot of competition because there are a lot of big brands that will ruin your business shop.

Just take the time to make some effort to do the research and you will be up.

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