Best Website Builder for Small Businesses

Best Website Builder for Small Businesses
Best Website Builder for Small Businesses

Having a website is essential for every small business. The use of social media only cannot provide much control over your customer-based marketing, if you have a small business and build trust among your customers. It is vital to create a website related to your brand or business. Building a website for the business is not easy for the owners, but now almost everyone can create a website without any designer or programmer. With the help of website tools, this ease of use of these website tools makes them a viable option for small businesses which have low budgets. These website builders allow you to save money and invest it in your growing business instead of paying for professional website designers and programmers. When you start a business with a low budget, limited time, and skills, website builder software is the best option for you out there to create your website. Through these website builders, you can create your website easily and quickly. Here is a list of the best website builder for small businesses.

Best Website Builder for Small Businesses
Best Website Builder for Small Businesses

People often think of as

The main that differentiates between them majorly is hosting. The only possibility you have with is hosting but provides you a much easier hosting process with other facilities, is a CMS (content management software). It is also known as a website creation platform.

Pros: allows you to develop different kinds of websites without any programming skills. has different features including built-in tools for content as well as tags. It offers a free plan.

Cons :

  • has a possibility of plugin conflictions.
  • is easily breakable because it is highly customizable.
  • You can save things as drafts on and cannot publish them before completing them.

Companies or businesses affiliated with top industries have been using only as it provides great value in all the fields. For example, marketing and advertising, information technology and services, internet writing and editing, computer software, etc.

Pricing: offers a free plan, its premium plans start at $4 monthly. For e-commerce, the plan is quite expensive at $45 monthly. G2 rating of is 4.3/5. is one of the best and most popular website developers. The majority of people have agreed that this website builder is the best free website builder for small businesses. has features of self-hosting with blue host, which is a content management system (CMS). Which makes it flexible and easy to use. Those who are using for website creation, have said that it is super easy and the best drag and drop website builder out there just like Elementor, Seedpod, and bearer builder to get your website designed professionally. offers a mind-blowing SEO feature. You can use themes for your small business websites.


  • is the choice of most website builders for small businesses.
  • It is easily available on web hosting platforms.
  • Until your website is completed you can hide it on WordPress.
  • This website builder is used and loved by bloggers and brands Because it has special SEO tools and marketing tools.


  • Creating a new website is a time-consuming process but there are a lot of resources and tutorials available on WordPress.
  • Until you have managed WordPress hosting, you have to be in charge of maintaining your website, but there is a catch, this type of marketing strategy might not be a part of your business plan.

Pricing: is a free website builder on its own. but you need to install it somewhere. It can be started for $2.7 monthly including a free custom domain.


A user of Wix has said that “if you can use PowerPoint, then you can surely create a professional-looking website using Wix”

Through this statement, it becomes easy to understand the ease of use of the tool itself. Wix is ideal only for designers and photographers. But in the case of an e-commerce solution and a solid website with the most advantageous speed, Wix is not best for you.


  • Wix is one of the most instinctive drag and drops builders. Wix is very easy to understand without any coding and technicalities.
  • Wix offers a broad range of design options and templates, even with the free version.


  • The options for e-commerce are costly.
  • Wix’s mobile version and backend navigation should be better.
  • Its loading is slow compared to other platforms.
  • Industries using Wix:
  • Marketing and advertising, information technology, computer software design services. And entertainment.

Pricing: for e-commerce, it costs $16.17/per month

For small businesses, an unlimited plan costs $12.45


Squarespace is the best option for small business owners. It helps people to create stylish websites. Squarespace is very easy to use. Squarespace is gracefully pleasing.


  • Squarespace requires a business plan to access powerful features like custom code.
  • The E-commerce capabilities of Squarespace can not compete with similar tools. It provides fewer add-ons and apps than similar tools.


  • It offers modern and elegant templates.
  • A perfect option for visual artists and photographers.
  • Can handle blogs, e-commerce domain hosting.
  • Has SEO tools.
  • Industries using Squarespace:
  • Marketing, advertising, design, and photography.

Pricing: It starts at $12/month, after adding custom codes and use. E-commerce features you need to go for at least $18/month.

G2 rating is 4.4/5.


Shopify is the best option for those who are researching online store builders. 1.7M merchants using Shopify to sell online. It shows Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms. Shopify is an ideal platform for SMBs. Shopify offers more advanced e-commerce features because it has a sharp focus on selling online. For owners who are just starting with their business. This website builder is the most effective and reliable option for them and consider as best website builder for small businesses.


  • Shopify has a wide range of apps for different categories like email marketing or sales.
  • It has all features and more than that is needed for a small business. Good for dropshipping. For your website security, Shopify provides SSL protocol.


  • Shopify might be costly for small businesses, but for growing businesses, which need more features to grow, for them Shopify is excellent.
  • With few themes. Shopify is not a heavily customizable website builder, because it is not open in its space like, Shopify requires coding and designing skills.

Industries using Shopify:

Retail, apparel & fashion, marketing, and advertising.

Pricing: starts at $29/month.

G2 rating is 4.5/5.


Although Weebly is not advanced as Shopify, it’s easy and cheap and makes it easy for starters to build a website.


  • Weebly has a large number of templates. Offers a free plan.
  • Has a lot of building blocks. Weebly can change a template without having to upload content again.


  • It has limited SEO capabilities.
  • It does not allow the moving of elements freely.
  • Weebly has no option for moving elements to precise places on the website as Wix provides.
  • Industries using Weebly:
  • Marketing, information technology, education technology management.

Pricing: Weebly has plans. Paid plans for online start at $12/month.

G2 rating of Weebly is 4.2/5.


Big-commerce empowers small business owners and merchants to build their websites without any coding. Like Shopify, big commerce focuses on e-commerce.


  • BigCommerce has the ability to sell in different currencies.
  • This platform doesn’t charge any transactions to use third-party payment gateways.


  • BigCommerce load the page content in a few seconds.
  • Its design and editing proficiency is limited.
  • BigCommerce doesn’t include easy plugin options for woocommerce owners.
  • Industries using BigCommerce:
  • Fashion & apparel, marketing, and advertising.

Pricing: Starting at $29.95 per month.

G2 rating is 4.2/5.


Next in our list of the best website builders is gator website builder, HostGator which is a hosting has developed it, it has the best options with an all-in-one website building mechanism and hosting solution. Gator is a simple solution that lacks advanced features.


  • Gator offers 200 professional design templates. It provides build-in stock photo library access.
  • If you are a user of gator then don’t worry about hosting because gator is a fully hosted platform.


  • It has no free plan or trial.
  • It is a simple website builder so it has no option of advanced features that other solutions have.

Pricing: Gator has different features including hosting and domain name service, so it is cost-effective for small businesses.


Another tool in our best website builders list is Duda. It is a web design platform with client management tools.


  • It doesn’t charge any additional commission fee.
  • Provides exceptional customer support. It is cost-effective and offers a cheaper price compared to other solutions in the market. This makes it excellent for small businesses.


  • Duda has the capability to design a website for mobile phones but lacks features and needs improvement in this field.
  • Other tools like Wix and web flow offer a set of design controls.

Pricing: its price plan starts at $14 per month.


Godaddy is an easy-to-use website builder. Its ADI ( artificial design intelligence ) feature makes it perfect. This website developer can create a website for you in a few minutes. A large majority of users of this builder mentioned in a resume that they wanted more creative control when they use this builder.


  • With Godaddy, you don’t need any technical knowledge to create a small business, you can work on your website by using your mobile or tablet because go daddy’s website developer works on small screens.


  • Godaddy in comparison to other website builders on the list offers fewer features and design options.
  • Godaddy is better for building a simple website. If you want to create a quality and content-rich website. This website builder is not a good option for you, you cannot develop your website on any other platform as well.

Pricing: This website builder starts at $5.99 monthly, the personal plan starts at $9.99 monthly, the business plan starts at $14.99 monthly, all these plans of GoDaddy are billed annually.


Memberpress helps to create a membership website, where visitors can register to access exclusive content, member press works as a WordPress plugin that helps you to develop straggling websites. This best website builder for small businesses provides you a chance to accept payments of members. You can control who sees content on your site as well.


  • Through memberpress, you can create a membership site in minutes without coding.
  • This website builder can manage your members and give them access to particular content.
  • For a unique custom design, you can use a WordPress theme.


  • Memberpress is not good for small business owners because this website builder is not free, its basic plan starts at $149 per year.

Pricing: The pricing of member press starts at $149 per year, it’s less than $13 per month. is a DIY (do it yourself) website, builder. This best website builder for small businesses allows you to create a professional website very quickly and easily. This builder comes with an instinctual drag and drops feature. On you can find plenty of website templates, which you can use to get started fast. Option of templates save your time and energy and provide you with a chance to create a unique website that makes your brand unique. In this way, you can focus on your business properly. has a fast and reliable team that gives beginners confidence. On the platform. If you are looking for a professional and outstanding website with low cost and without any developer then is a viable choice for you.


  • is a user-friendly and affordable website developer.
  • This platform requires no coding experience, that’s why this is suitable for small businesses.
  • provides designed templates, from there, beginners can choose a template and customize their website layout according to their taste.


  • allows you to try out their website developer software for just $1.95 in the first month, but this price increases after the first month regulated by your plan.

Pricing: The first month is $1.95, which increases every week. Here is an option, that you can get an annual plan for $50, after that renewal fees will be $100 per year. For marketing, pricing starts at $2.95 then it increases by $15 per week.

For e-commerce, the first month’s pricing is $8. It becomes $20 every 4 weeks.


Hubspot website builder is easy to use and combined with its powerful marketing automation tools and CRM. Hubspot has a pre-built templates option, by using this option, you can create blog posts, landing posts, site pages, and emails very quickly.

Adaptive testing is an additional feature of Hubspot, this option gives you a chance to choose up to 5 different versions of a webpage, SEO tools, detailed analytics, live chat software, blogging tools are the other features of Hubspot.


  • You can personalize your website content based on location, language source, and device through your HubSpot CRM. This is one of the most advanced website builders for marketers and small businesses.


  • This website builder is suitable for landing pages and simple small business websites, but if you want to create a more complex business website or an online store then should be your choice. Most of the beginners feel intimidated by its extra features.


There are many website builders out there. As we have come to know after reading about these website builders. One thing is clear, every software has different pros and cons. But if we narrow down our choices, then which builder is best? We cannot say clearly which website builder is best, because all website builders have different qualities and features. For those people who don’t want to spend money, “Weebly” is best for them. If you want creative control and don’t want to go with, then the best e-commerce website builder is Squarespace. Shopify is an online shop builder, it is incredibly easy to use. is the best website builder for small businesses. Big-commerce is the best e-commerce website. Wix is the easiest website builder.

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