Beginner’s Guide: How to Publish a Website in 2022

Beginner's Guide: How to Publish a Website (Step by Step)
WPBeginner Beginner's Guide: How to Publish a Website (Step by Step)

Creating your own website helps you to take your business to the next level. You get more presence, visitors and earn money with a ready-steady website or blog.

For launching the website, you don’t need any coding experience or FTP programs to upload the web on the server within minutes.

Read our helpful article to know the website launching steps:

Pick a Reliable Hosting Server

There are many hosting providers out there on the internet, and it’s really hard to choose the best one which company they should trust on. So it is important to see the difference in every service by keeping the features and user support in mind. 

But there are many factors that you may know before purchasing the hosting. The most important aspect is website speed because visitors will leave your website because of the low speed. 

So I recommend you to buy Siteground or Bluehost, etc., because their customer support and service are very good.

Register your domain name

Once you purchase a good hosting service, then come up with the best user-friendly domain name, choose the short and precise name, and then check the availability. 

Keep in mind your domain name reflects your services or brand, and it will also be used as your business email address. 

While purchasing the domain, it’s an extra cost, but I will highly recommend you to buy the domain privacy and protection to keep your personal information off from the public.

Prepare Your Content

If you are a blogger, then prepare at least 30 articles before launching the blog. This helps to increase search engine visibility. Make your web sections, pages you want to include. 

Hire a professional content writer who will take care of your content strategies, who will make the content calendar that helps you to post regularly. 

Make your social media presence share your every post, tips, and tricks, like on Linkedin as it is the most attractive community.

Purchase the Best Theme

Pick a good theme for your website that depends upon you what type of site you want to run. Is it any newspaper site or a simple digital blog? 

But every theme has its own function, features, uniqueness, and design that set them apart from other WordPress themes. You can buy any theme depending upon your website needs. 

If you are starting e-commerce, then you should look up that type of theme. But the most highly recommended themes are Astra, navy, ocean wp, etc.

Now Build your Website.

Now you purchased your hosting, created your content, bought a domain and theme. It’s time to launch your WordPress website. 

Then after launching, install the essential plugins, or if you have the premium plugins, you bought you can upload them.

Then post all your content, hire a designer who can make the design the relevant images and the infographics for your blog. Optimize your blog pages to make them SEO-friendly for this. You can use any cache plugins that will help you to delete the extra cache of your web.


So these are the above mentioned best steps that you can follow to make your website or blog running or up. Everyone struggles to make his or her first blog.

 If you are stuck on any problem, you may comment below or google your problem to find the solution. But keep the thing in mind you cannot see overnight success things take time.

Just keep learning, keep testing, and slowly and steadily, you will see the progress.

If you have any queries about building a blog, let me know in the comment section below. I’ll try to clear things ASAP.

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