All of the New Features in Chrome 98 that are Worth Experimenting With

Chrome always makes improvements and introduces new features as it is so creative to work on it.

Everyone can take advantage of these features to be more and more productive in their daily routines. A new version of Google Chrome was released in February 2022. The popular browser now has a new “Privacy Guide” for double-checking some critical settings, as well as cleaner emojis and a new built-in screenshot tool.

Let’s have a look at how these all actually work.

Chrome Built-in Screenshot Feature

You can use Chrome 98’s screenshot tool instead of your Mac or PC’s built-in screenshot tool to take a screenshot of your browser. A Screenshot button will appear beneath the Copy link when you click the share icon in your address bar. You can capture a snapshot of whatever is in your browser just by clicking that, and you won’t have to bother about cropping or selecting certain windows.

But this feature is not stable yet, but you may enable the two following flags to use this feature.

  • chrome://flags/#sharing-desktop-screenshots
  • chrome://flags/#sharing-desktop-screenshots-edit

In the recent update on Feb 2/2/22, its edit functionality is not working but it is allowing you to download the screenshots. Google will improve its stability soon.

Chrome Privacy Guide

“Privacy Guide” is one of Chrome 98’s most notable new features. Although it is currently disguised by a flag, it appears to be nearing completion. The Privacy Guide is a tool that allows you to examine the privacy and security of your browser.

The Privacy Guide can be found in the “Security & Privacy” settings on desktop and mobile with the flag chrome:/flags/#privacy-review.

It’s a fantastic walkthrough of some of the options that let you secure your privacy. You are not required to look for the options on your own.

Add Emojis on Screenshots

In Chrome 98, Google is testing to add nicer emojis to the screenshots in android systems. To enable this feature you can go to this link.


Stable Web App

Chrome 97 was the most recent Chrome version, and it included enhancements to web apps that improved the appearance of the browser bar at the top of the window. With 98, those changes appear to be stable.

Updated Emojis

Thanks to the new COLRv1 Color Gradient Vector Fonts, the emojis you see in Chrome should now seem better, at least when blown up. If you’d like to see a sample of these enhancements, check out the COLRv1 Emoji demo site.

Google’s developer site and the Chromium blog include a complete list of Chrome 98’s developer improvements and features.

How to update the Chrome to get the 98 version?

To get the updated version of Chrome 98, just click on the 3 dot option, however down and now click on “Help” – “About google chrome” from there chrome will let you know if any update is available.

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