10 Best Etsy Shop Alternatives for Selling Crafts

10 Best Etsy Shop Alternatives for Selling Crafts
10 Best Etsy Shop Alternatives for Selling Crafts

When it comes to selling handmade custom products then ETSY is the best online e-commerce platform but many people try to find best Etsy Shop Alternatives for selling their crafts. If you love to do the art and craft work then ETSY will be the great platform for you to transform your passion into profit. This site offers sellers to launch their businesses.

Well, it is one of the most well-known platforms for selling extraordinary products by making your own store.

You can sell every handmade item from face masks to home decor, jewellery, and DIY things, it is a very legitimate business.

And ETSY is the go-to marketplace for folks who are looking to make money by doing whatever they want or love to do. But there are now other alternatives that offer some extra features and benefit to grow the brand.

10 Best Etsy Shop Alternatives for Selling Crafts
10 Best Etsy Shop Alternatives for Selling Crafts

In this guide, we’ll look at the most notable Etsy shop alternatives and how the platform stacks up against the growing field of competition.

In this article we will take a look at the best ETSY alternatives and what’s the best features that make them stand out from others.

Etsy Shop Alternatives


Just like ETSY, Shopify is one of the biggest online e-commerce marketplace out there. It is a trusted platform with more than one millions of users.

If you don’t have any web designing skills then don’t worry, Shopify has tons of ready made themes so you choose which suits your needs best. You can just design your websites in a minute. All you need to upload your images, content, and customizr them in a user friendly way.

Shopify also has the tools for marketing and promotions so you can build your website or store quickly by using its tools like website drag and drop builders. It is a great alternative to setting up the websites in which you don’t need to require too much technical know-how.It’s extra costly than other platforms however it is one of the most famous ecommerce platforms. It gives a complete suite of business equipment, which includes POS, local shipping options or even loans via Shopify Capital.

Shopify comes with all of the equipment you want to manipulate your home made craft commercial enterprise online and offline. 

Shopify is aimed specifically at agencies trying to construct complicated ecommerce websites. It’s appropriate for crafters and makers who’ve the time to construct a huge-scale website experience, or who want a mixture of POS and online payments. 


Zibbet is an exciting platform. It has a market in which you can discover your goods, however its number one supplying is a hub from which you could manipulate different income channels. For example, in case you desire to promote through Etsy, eBay, Facebook and an Instagram account, you could do it via Zibbet.

you still must manage and pay costs for every man or woman store. That can get a piece overwhelming to mention the least. Though at least while you make an alternate to a product in your Zibbet store, that change is routinely procedure on different platforms.

Zibbet is a respectable way to remember if omnichannel advertising and marketing interests you. Just ensure to test it integrates together along with your platform of preference first.


While Bonanza isn’t always aimed completely at crafters and unbiased dealers, it is an internet market that hosts a myriad of small businesses, making it a possible Etsy alternative.

Bonanza prides itself on being “seller-first”. Unlike maximum marketplaces, dealers have the right of entry to patron facts and may interact in repeat advertising efforts. A particular characteristic is that consumers can haggle similar to an in-character market. This is right for customers, however now no longer precisely the maximum appealing concept for potential dealers.


IndieMade comes with stock control capabilities and the whole thing you want to sell online. It is not extremely customisable, however the attention is on simplifying the advent technique so makers can spend more time crafting cool products. There are basic SEO, analytics and advertising integrations with the intention to cover maximum small entrepreneurs.

Compared to different solutions IndieMade is an alternative barebones. However one benefit it does have is that it integrates properly with Etsy. You can sell on each structure and your product stock will be replaced automatically.


Artfire is very similar to Etsy. It’s now no longer as large, this means that there may be much less competition and potential for exposure. There is one reachable function that Artfire does offer—clients can submit desired commercials that dealers can reply to. This acts as a manner for folks to feel work and immediately meet demand.

As a website, Artfire attempts to face aside via highlighting man or woman creators. New sellers are featured at the homepage, which lets in smaller dealers to be seen. Fees are barely better than Etsy, however you’ve got a cleanser save web page and not using commercials.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is the worldwide ecommerce mega giant’s reaction to the need for an extra non-public touch.

When we think about Amazon, we think about heavily produced items with discounts and single day delivery and all the different hyper-capitalistic matters that make Amazon what it is.

It’s extra highly-priced to promote on Amazon Handmade than it is on Etsy. But you get some extra achievement and stock control capabilities at the backend, in addition to the hazard of placing your products in front of more than three hundred million customers. 

Be cautious that, as we touched on earlier, this additionally approaches quite a few competitions.


Storenvy is a “social marketplace”, that means that you could engage with it in greater ways than simply shopping for and selling. With an account, you could Envy merchandise (their model of Likes), upload products to “collections” (sort of like Pinterest boards) and comply with different creators and stores.


This platform is the most effective that allows American-made items to be sold. It’s very community-minded and really small. Their task is to guide nearby artists and artisans dwelling throughout the US and offer a market that continuously advances to healthy customers and sellers.

If you name the Land of the Free domestic then aftacra is an excellent opportunity to Etsy. The market is uncluttered, there are no list fees, and their customer support revel in its pinnacle notch. Just maintain in thoughts it would not have the site visitors and attain the bigger marketplaces in this list.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is a store builder that’s particularly designed for creators promoting physical products. It’s first-class applicable for small creatives, artists and cunning entrepreneurs. There is an energetic consumer base constructed across the artwork network and assets that will help you get started.


If you’re looking for a less expensive Etsy alternative, Weebly is your great bet. This platform has the whole thing you want to promote products online, inclusive of stock tracking, delivery tools, deserted cart recovery, present cards, and coupons. 

You also can optimize the search engine optimization settings of your product pages via the Weebly editor and combine different advertising functions through the Weebly App Center.

Bottom Line for Etsy Alternatives: 

So if you want to start your whole business from scratch there is ETSY and its alternatives that you can explore on which one you’ll go.

Look which ETSY alternative is best by checking the features of each one and then make it happen.

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