8 best online marketplaces to sell in 2022

8 best online marketplaces to sell in 2022
8 best online marketplaces to sell in 2022

Because of the rise of e-commerce, it is now possible to sell goods online.

We now live in an e-commerce environment, where selling online is perhaps the easiest enterprise for anyone. There are numerous apps and websites designed specifically to assist consumers in selling their products online, you can now make money even without leaving your house just by selling products online. 

8 best online marketplaces to sell in 2022
8 best online marketplaces to sell in 2022

Best online marketplaces have changed our perception significantly about the development of a business, it doesn’t matter what you are going to sell online, there is always a market that will suit you the best.

Opening up your online store isn’t as easy as it sounds, it takes some skill. 

But when you get it down, it will make you some good profit. 

The thing is that you are now opening up your brand, and for that you will have to attract an audience and gain attention to make good sales, getting some traffic with tactical strategies can help you get more customers on your site,

but there is a piece of good news, your profit is going to be completely yours, there is going to be almost no commission or extra fee, you will have full control over everything including pricing strategies.

Now we are going to list several best online marketplaces on which you should be selling:


Shopify is best and number 1st because of your own business without sharing. Creating a website on Shopify is perhaps the easiest way to open an online store.

Shopify is trusted and it is an exceptional platform on which you can sell your products without any hassle, another plus about Shopify is that it is a very straightforward and user-friendly platform, even if you are a beginner, Shopify won’t disappoint you.

There are several apps that let you customize your online Shopify store according to your preferences, for example, handshake

The basic fee for Shopify is $29/month, you will have your website, your blog, SSL certificates, and several other tools, Shopify has absolutely no hidden charges. Shopify guarantees you that it is different from others, and (it is!)


This marketplace is fairly new to the online selling landscape, but it has performed exceptionally well. Bonanza is an emerging company of online shops, bonanza was named as one of the best online marketplaces in 2016. 

bonanza has a fee structure that is comparatively lesser, it is also based on(Final offer value)

you can obtain the Final offer value by combining the value of the amount that the buyer has paid with part of the shipping fee that is more than ten USD. 

An example is: if you sell a product of price 50 USD, and shipping charges are around 15 dollars, then the final offer value would be55$.

What we need to know is that the selling fee is 2.5 percent of the final offer value, so you can make calculations each time to rule out your fee. 

This platform is best for people who cannot afford to pay a listing fee, 

you open a shop, pay a fee if you make a sale.


Everybody knows of Amazon today. It is the most trusted e-commerce site in the world. Selling over 500 products a minute, that’s what makes amazon an absolute powerhouse in the field of e-commerce. Customers buy on amazon because they feel a sense of security and trust when buying from amazon. Verifying sellers and keeping fake/counterfeit products out of its market, this is what Amazon is known for. Delivering people what they need in time, that’s what earned amazon its trust.

This means that there is a 99.9% possibility that you will be making a handsome amount of profit because you would definitely sell while on amazon.

But it comes with a more advanced fee package. 

An application and $39.99/month are required to open up an Amazon seller account, amazon also charges you for each item sold. If you are not going to sell more than 40 goods, then you can get an individual account that doesn’t require any fee.

Amazon is ideal for sellers, who want to sell a large collection of products and also want to get familiar with a big marketplace.


eBay is credited as the original online marketplace because it is there for 27 years. Keeping that in mind, nobody can deny the power of eBay, you can sell anything on eBay, it doesn’t have any limitations or specified niche, if you are looking to sell something that you would not be able to sell on other best online marketplaces then eBay will be the perfect marketplace for you.

You need to know of eBay’s fee structure before selling on it, listing an item on eBay requires a non-refundable fee. If you want to list the same item in another category, then you would have to pay an insertion fee as well.

Another term sellers need to know about is the final value fee, which is a percentage of the price on which your item sells plus a portion of the delivery fee. This fee is calculated based on the nature of your product, its quantity, the category in which you have listed that product, and also delivery.

A thing to keep in your mind is that eBay is a good platform to sell but eBay is less trusted than amazon. 

But it has a buyer network similar to amazon in size, as well as credibility.


This e-commerce platform is based in Toronto, Canada, and was started by an elementary school teacher who became frustrated seeing scams and illegitimate products on well-known platforms.

A facebook verified account is required to open an account on VarageSale, this is to ensure that the seller uses his real identity and photograph, a personal biography should also be taken into consideration as VarageSale requires all these things. Without following the guideline, you would not be able to sell on VarageSale.

This makes the customer feel more comfortable, knowing the person he/she is dealing with.

Selling on VarageSale is a delight because it is free. Listing your product with a headline, description, and pictures ensures that the customer can look up to all the details that you mention about the product when a customer gets interested in buying your product. They have two options, to reserve an offline meeting, or they can pay online using Stripe.


If you want to sell antiques or vintage products, rubylane would be the perfect platform for you. In 2019, EcommerceBytes conducted a survey which ruby lane dominated as it was voted as the best recommended selling venue.

Rubylane receives around 2 million visitors every month. 

Setting up a shop on Rubylane is free, the platform wouldn’t charge you for listings as well, but paying $54 monthly is required as a maintenance fee for shops that have listed above 50 products. But the maintenance fee depends on your listings. Rubylane also charges a 6.7% fee on purchase total (excluding taxes).

This platform was brought up to gather collection enthusiasts, looking for a niche selling website for your antiques? Rubylane is the answer.


Etsy is similar to Rubylane, the only difference between them is that Etsy offers a more niche market than Rubylane. On Etsy, you can sell handmade goods, antiques, art, and collectibles.

Etsy has exceeded annual sales up to $5 billion, this makes it one of the most lucrative platforms.

$0.20is charged per item on Etsy. Item remains in your store for 4 months or until it’s sold. 

A five percent transaction fee and a three percent apply when you sell an item. 

Etsy is a well-recognized and respected online platform. 

One thing that makes it the best site to sell online, and that is it’s easy to use. 

Etsyis one of the easiest and safest best online marketplaces of 2022.


This platform has been created specifically for high-quality furniture anddécor.

Listings are easy to post on Chairish, it charges you a percentage of the selling price like any other platform.

The percentage varies as it depends upon the pricing of your product.

20%for the first 2000$, 12% for the next 22,500$ and 3% on the next15000$

An example is: if you sell an item for $40,000 then you will get to keep $35,350.

The great thing about this platform is that it is completely free unless you sign up for their elite services, then it will cost you around149$/month.

After listing your products, expert curators at Chairish will review your products to see if you meet their standards or not.

Shipping is taken care of by Chairish, it is also possible if you want to arrange your delivery if you prefer.

Chairish Is an excellent platform when it comes to the market of furniture and décor.

They have high standards, those standards make it one of the most delightful platforms for collectors and sellers.

Conclusion: many online platforms offer merchants to sell online, we have talked about some of them, there are still many left on which we will talk about later. Just to remind you, we rely on consumer feedback, so if we have missed anything then please let us know, thanks.

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