Top insurance companies in USA 2022 List

Top insurance companies in USA 2022 List
Top insurance companies in USA 2022 List

Insurance companies provide risk management to individuals, business and institutional clients through contracts. There are different types of insurance companies in the USA and we are familiar with the name and work of these companies. Insurance companies offer you different policies offering coverage for losses that will be related to accident, health, your property, your home ownership and professional liability and many other policies. We will tell you which insurance company is best for you if you want insurance in the USA. Here are some top 10 USA based insurance companies that you will see in detail.

Top insurance companies in USA 2022 List
Top insurance companies in USA 2022 List

Berkshire Hathaway

This insurance company is one of the nation’s premiere insurance companies. It also owns business sectors such as retail transportation, energy and utilities, services and manufacturing. This insurance company provides primary insurance and as well as reinsurance the property and any other which you want to get insured.

Ping An Insurance (Group)

This insurance company is involved primarily in insurance and banking and financial services. This insurance company is listed as one of the top 50 insurance companies in Shanghai stock exchange. This company is the first insurance company that joined China’s joint stock exchange in 1988.


This insurance company is the world’s leading insurance company that leads the insurance groups with the major business in property and casualty insurance. This insurance company also offers you the services of life insurance, savings and assets management. Many insurance companies merged to create AX insurance company in 1990 and now it does business in all global markets. 

China Life Insurance

This life insurance company is one of the largest mainland’s state-owned insurance and financial insurance companies. This company gives you many offers that are life insurance, casualty property, investment holdings and pension plans and many other insurance offers.

Allianz SE (ALIZY)

This company is a leading global financial insurance service company. This company offers insurance products ranging from casualty property and policies to health and life insurance. This life insurance company’s headquarter is in Germany.

Aviva PLC

This insurance company is a UK based international insurance company that offers transport, marine, fire, motor, aviation and life insurance products that are a range of financial services. This company’s insurance business leads the business in their home market in the UK.

Prudential PLC

This company is a London based investment and insurance company that offers you, life, health, accident, casualty policies and property and pensions and any other financial services. This insurance company fulfills all requirements of their customers. This company works in a global market and it has its own home market including in the UK.

All these insurance companies offer you their best insurance so that your life will be comfortable. All these companies are the top insurance companies of the USA and you will also like their offers and their work. All these insurance companies work in the global market and lead many businesses in many countries like China, UK, London, America, Australia and many others that help them to grow up and make a place in the top list of insurance companies.

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