5 Badges to increase conversion rate in 2022

5 Badges to increase conversion rate in 2022
5 Badges to increase conversion rate in 2022

A badge that could be used to inculcate trust on your website is called a trust badge.

They are tools, these tools have the potential to increase sales and also help you maintain a satisfactory rating on your page.

These badges are usually found on checkout pages.

They have been catching attention for quite a long time, and now almost every retailer has them on his/her webpage.

The main secret of these badges is that they help store the personal and confidential information of a customer.

Encryption is a crucial part to provide web safety, encrypting certain information can help reduce the risk of being hacked. This can be done by SSL (secure sockets layer), which is primarily used for the encryption of data.

After the implementation of these systems, trust seals can be provided.

When you visit a website, most likely you will see a little lock symbol next to the URL, which means that the site is SSL encrypted.

Another way to figure out whether the webpage that you are visiting is encrypted or not is to look for HTTPS protocol. If HTTPS is present then the site would be encrypted.

5 Badges to increase conversion rate in 2022
5 Badges to increase conversion rate in 2022

 Most people don’t know about these, so displaying your badges becomes very important.

Five types of badges are available for you to apply on your webpage. 

Each one has its significance and application.

It is upon your decision which badges you want to use on your site, depending upon the impression you want to build.

Safe Checkout Badge

It seems that this badge could be the most important of all five badges.

You can obtain these badges by signing up with an organization/company which could provide an SSL certificate, we are not going to go into details about what SSL is. But we do need to mention that it is the main encryption tool to store and secure information and prevent it from being hacked. Indication of this badge means that your checkout was secure and successful. This means that your information has been encrypted and your personal information including your payment credentials is safe from hackers and other malware. This badge can increase conversions in a matter of minutes, so installing these types of badges is mandatory.

To make your customers feel safe and surrounded, you should use recognized and well-reputed badges.

Symantec is a company that provides the most recognized and well-reputed SSLbadges.

VeriSign, Norton and Lifelock, all are owned by Symantec and have the best reputation in the market. Symantec also provides good packages which can suit your requirement.

Another good option to consider is PayPal, it has a good reputation and is one of the well-recognized security systems, purchases can be made just as Symantec. 

These are sophisticated security systems and the best in business.

Accepted payment badge

A boost in confidence is when you see a brand that you recognize. That is the application of these badges. You can boost the trust level on your site by having Visa, MasterCard and

PayPal as a payment method. These badges are quite easy to obtain and are free, but visa provides a merchant program called “verified by visa”. Signing up for it would be a win-win situation because your confidence level on your page will be boosted tremendously. 

You can often find them at the bottom of your webpage. 

Third-party endorsements

These badges work by showing your customers your credibility to inculcate trust in them.

The organization from whom you are getting the badge will usually do a review of your site and also there is an additional requirement of the application process. 

You can build a tremendous amount of trust by obtaining a BBBAB badge. 

Nearly 172.7 million people browse BBB.org to check their rating through existing records and profiles.

Your customers will be able to verify your accreditation by clicking on the badge provided by BBB.org

Another well-reputed and trusted badge are from Google. It is named “GoogleTrusted Store Badge”. A point to note is that Google is starting to lean towards the Customer Reviews badge rather than the Trusted Storebadge.

In a study conducted by ConversionXL, it has been found that Google badges are more reputed and recognized by people under 30 years old. It was also trusted over BBB.

To earn the google seal, apply first and make sure that you meet the standards set by Google, when google approves your store, it will start sending surveys to your customers after they make their purchases. If your reviews are good enough to meet the criteria, then you will be granted the Google badge. 

At the end of the day, no one would want to get into the trouble of getting some trust badges, they may consume your time a lot or even require extra work, but they are worth the time, and they may increase conversions on your site in a very short time. 

It is a way to show your good reviews to your new coming customers to build trust in them as well. 

An example is: you go on Amazon.com, your search for a product, you find approximately 40 products, you scroll through all of them, but you will only be purchasing the one which has the most 5 star reviews, right?

It is the absolute same with an e-commerce store, if you have good ratings and reviews on your store then more people will buy from you surely.

Money-back guarantee badges

the interesting thing about these badges is that they are 100% free of cost but still manage to build trust in your customers

These badges can be created by the user himself.

Many of us don’t have exceptional talent in graphic designing, so if you are one of them, you can download these badges from the internet itself.

Using the “30-day money-back guarantee badge”, you can boost your sales up to 30% in 2 weeks.

That’s exceptional. Isn’t it?

This badge helps to minimize the fright of buying online.

This is one of the reasons for a low conversion rate.

SSL and safe checkout badges do address web security encryption features which the money-back guarantee badges don’t.

But they do instill trust in your customers that you have their backs.

Seeing that you are there for your customers, there is a significant chance that they will purchase from you.

It should be displayed very proudly so your customers can feel safe, 

Oftentimes these badges are found near the checkout page or added to the cart button.

Free shipping and return badges

This badge is also free and it shows your customers that you provide free shipping and returns. Inculcation of trust is nearly the same as the money-back guarantee badge because this badge also makes your customers feel safe and secure when shopping on your online website.

This badge has to be displayed with the other badges, especially the money-back guarantee badge so as to make your customers feel secure and fresh.

People have a fear of providing personal information online, it’s quite understandable, to be honest, many studies have shown that the conversion rates of online stores which display their badges are higher than the online stores that either don’t display their badges or have not obtained them.

Building trust is a crucial part of becoming a successful online seller because customers are always hesitant to provide personal information on online stores. But when you build trust in them, they will not hesitate at all and they will surely feel safe and secure, this can make your sales go through the roof in just a few days. 

Time is an important aspect of life, these badges may take some time and effort, but they are worth it cause they will save you a lot of ofsales. 

Conclusion: having these badges on your site is a great marketing strategy, these badges will surely help in inculcating trust in your customers and also make them feel safe and secure, this is a very crucial thing in the field of e-commerce, not a lot of people know about it, so giving knowledge about these badges to other people will help them in maintaining their online stores. If you provide your customers with a friendly environment, you will get good ratings and reviews, which can also lead customers to your store.

never ignore badges, ignoring badges can make your online store go flop, and you might end up losing all your investment, so always care about these badges and obtain them ASAP. Obtaining these badges is not difficult because they are provided by well-recognized and trusted companies, 

By reading this article, you will get all the information you need for obtaining trust badges for your online store, also we have mentioned their benefits and have talked about how they can help you gain more customers and build trust in your customers.

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