How to check website traffic online for any site (7 best tools)

How to check website traffic online for any site (7 best tools)
How to check website traffic online for any site (7 best tools)

In the era in which we can find a website on every word with a single click it surely becomes difficult to keep up with the competition. Here comes the smart work. Nowadays there are tons of tools available online to perform these jobs with brilliant efficiency, and take less time. In this article, we will discuss 7 of the topmost tools which are available online.


Ahrefs is a comprehensive website upgrade tool for website administrators, is primarily used to extract a wide range of information connected to search traffic, both for your targets and for the locale settings of your adversaries. The majority of the features in Ahrefs are geared toward professional advancement. Ahrefs may also be used to conduct keyword research on top brands like Amazon. Ahrefs provides free management for minor jobs, but users may also follow gorgeous packages with premium offers.


Quantcast is likely the most trustworthy traffic measuring gadget on the market today, however, there are two big drawbacks. The first is inaccuracy amongst websites, and the second is that information collecting is extremely limited, in contrast to destinations such as SimilarWeb. This is related to the way Quantcast operates. Set up a Quantcast Information Assortment feed on your website. This enables Quantcast to gather information about the site and assess the traffic.


SitePrice is a site valuation computer, not a traffic assessor, however, the value computation incorporates a traffic display. When you visit your site, check down to discover the specifics of your rated traffic and income, such as daily site visits, daily outstanding guests, and daily advertising revenue.

From what we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that these qualities are heading in the wrong direction. This is because SitePrice gathers data from several sources (like SimilarWeb and Quantcast) and then centres it for a “more thorough” look through. It is up to you to place your faith in him fairly.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service from Google that allows you to categorise traffic from web search tools. This gadget provides you with a detailed image of how the tracking engine displays your website. The number of impressions, clicks, and activities is displayed. The visitor’s click-through rate (CTR) and the keyword’s usual position in the web index. This will assist you in determining the keywords that position you and the number of queries you receive.


At this stage, you must utilize Google Analytics as your primary tool to examine your traffic. Setting up Google Analytics and evaluating your data, on the other hand, might be a challenging operation.

Monster Insights, the finest Google Analytics add-on for WordPress, is our recommendation. It has already been deployed in over 3 million locations, including Microsoft, Yelp, and PlayStation, and this is only the beginning.


Serpstat offers a broad range of SEO tools even though it’s crammed with features, it’s still quite simple to use. Enter the URL and the gadget will generate a traffic report.

There are traffic analysis characteristics, as well as backlink evaluation, site assessment, and rank following devices. The Traffic Survey highlights include a range of helpful site statistics, such as natural and sponsored keywords that drive traffic, the average number of visitors your site receives each month, and the pages with the greatest traffic.


SEMRush is a sophisticated traffic analysis tool that is used to assess any website. This gadget is used by WP Beginner to study keywords, track keyword rankings, and more. Enter the URL of a rival to receive a thorough analysis of all competitor traffic.

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