How the Sears Credit Card Works?

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Sears is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corp. and is one of the nation’s biggest merchandise shops. Its beginnings may be traced back to 1886 when a train station agent called Richard Sears began selling gold watches via mail and grew a corporate empire with a mail-order catalog that sold everything from hats to houses.

Formerly known as Sears, Roebuck, and Co., the corporation thrived well into the late twentieth century, expanding across the country and purchasing brands such as Kmart, Kenmore, Craftsman, and DieHard.

The company has had a difficult time in recent years, and in 2018 it filed for bankruptcy protection.

If you shop at the same place on a regular basis — once a month or more — getting the store’s specialized credit card may be worthwhile if the discounts and benefits are useful to you.

Even die-hard Sears fans may choose to avoid the retailer’s branded credit cards in favor of a general-purpose rewards card, which is less confusing, as well as more rewarding and versatile.

With over 3,000 locations countrywide, Sears was once the country’s largest retailer and employment.

It now only runs roughly 33 Sears stores and 18 Kmart stores across the United States.

How does A Sears Credit Card Works?

The Sears Card is the primary and most basic credit card that customers can use at any of SHLD’s expanding brands, including Sears, Kmart,, and Second, Sears offers the Sears MasterCard, which customers can use everywhere MasterCard is accepted to make purchases.

The third choice is the Sears Home Improvement Account, which is designed for clients who make large-scale home improvement purchases.

This card can only be used to buy heating and air conditioning, vinyl siding, kitchen remodels, or cabinet refacing supplies. This card can be used to finance purchases made through Sears Home Services, which also helps with the installation and maintenance of these large purchases.

Customers can apply for these credit cards either online or in-person at a Sears or Kmart store. Applicants must supply personal information so that Citibank can check their credit history and approve them.

Sears Rewards & Benefits

Users of all three Sears credit cards have access to online services, zero dollars ($0) responsibility for unauthorized purchases, early notice of any Sears’ sales events, and identity theft resolution services.

New applicants to the Sears Card and Sears MasterCard have two options: get $10 off when approved and make a purchase that day, or get six months of special financing on purchases made that day.

Two other cards come with a variety of credit offers, such as 5% off electronics purchases above $599 or 0% interest if the debt is paid off in full within 12 months.

And there are additional deals for beds, exercise equipment, household appliances, tools, sporting goods, and furniture, among other things.

Customers who spend a lot of money at Sears benefit the most from the Sears card. The biggest good thing about having one of the cards is that you can get 5% off a large purchase or 0% interest financing.

The majority of the benefits come from spending at least $299 per year in the major categories. A person who really doesn’t make major purchases from Sears on a regular basis will not see a long-term benefit from a Sears card.

The Sears Home Improvement Account card is a good option for those who want to remodel or modify their home completely. Instead of paying for the repairs right once or with another credit card, the Sears Home Renovation Credit card allows for a longer-term reimbursement plan.


Most of us who are skilled in the fields of investment or banking are aware that there are numerous additional credit card options available.

Consumers can choose from a variety of options, each with its own set of features and rewards schemes for improved usage. The Citi Double Cash Card rewards customers with 1% cashback on purchases and another 1% cashback when the amount is paid off.

Similarly, Sears has a number of retail competitors, including Home Depot Inc., Walmart Stores Inc., Macy’s Inc., Best Buy Co. Inc., and others. Each of these merchants accepts credit cards from their customers. A My Best Buy card, for example, provides up to 18 months of special financing on large appliances and also 5% back in rewards cards.

The Walmart credit card offers a 3% discount on purchases made on, as well as a 1% discount in Walmart and everywhere else the card is accepted.

As a result, these are a few good options that are now accessible on the market. Consumers who make major purchases at Home Depot can also utilize the Consumer Credit Card, which offers up to three months of financing and a one-year hassle-free money-back guarantee during special deals.

Home Services Financing at Sears

 The Sears Home Services Account is another way to get store credit. Home improvement items such as heating and air conditioning equipment, windows, vinyl siding, kitchen remodels, and cabinets can be financed for 18 months at no interest.

This card can be used to finance purchases made through Sears Home Services, which also helps with the installation and maintenance of these large purchases.

Customers who want to upgrade their houses’ flooring, for example, can use the Sears Home Services group to get both the material and the installation done. A five- to ten-minute phone call is followed by an in-home consultation.

Small Sign-Up Bonus

The Shop Your Way Mastercard® is offering a $40 statement credit to new customers who spend $50 or more during the first 30 days of signing up through January 30, 2021.

That’s not a lot in terms of sign-up bonuses, but they’re hard to come by on shop credit cards, and it could come in handy if you need to make a big buy.

Annual Fee

There is no annual fee with either of the Sears cards, which is typical of similar retail cards. This will make sure to keep the card active for a longer period. Because the average life expectancy of your accounts influences the length of your credit history, having cards active for longer periods of time can affect your credit score.

High APR

The APR for purchases can be as high as 25% or higher, depending on whatever card you have. That’s a lot higher than the average interest rate on credit card accounts.

Worse, the “special financing” offers from both cards on certain significant purchases might cost you hundreds of dollars in interest. This is because, unlike actual introductory 0% APR offers, the interest on these promos is not waived. Instead, it has been postponed.

The card issuer does not charge you interest if interest is compensated for a period of time, such as 12 months. The issuer has the right to charge you interest after the twelve-month period has ended.

If tax is deferred for a year, however, interest continues to accrue in the background. You will not be charged interest if the purchase is entirely paid off at the completion of the 12-month period. If any of the amounts are leftover, even if it’s only 50 cents, you’ll be charged interest on the entire transaction, going back at least to the day you made it.

Final Verdict

After allowing your mind to digest all of the knowledge you’ve read above, you’re a true master. However, having a list of statistics is also necessary before making an investment decision.

As a reminder, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for both the Sears Card and the Sears MasterCard is 25.49 percent for purchases and 27.40 percent for cash advances. The greater of $5 or 5% of the cash advance amount is charged as a transaction fee for cash advances.

While the APR on a Sears Home Improvement Account ranges from 14.65 to 18.65 percent, depending on the applicant’s creditworthiness.

A requirement is that the candidate is at least 18 years old, or 21 if residing in Puerto Rico. Cardholders who want to take full advantage of some of the credit card features should review the financial disclosures and exclusions carefully. Every deal is liable to change at any time and is only available for a limited time.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Is Getting a Sears Credit Card Difficult?

As long as their credit scores are in the “fair” level, or about 640, candidates for a Sears Credit Card or a Sears MasterCard would find it reasonably straightforward to receive credit from either.

It could be a good approach to assist you to get the basics as your first home if you’re a youngster just starting off. Just make sure you pay it off as soon as possible. You’ll avoid the exorbitant finance charges and, over time, improve your credit rating.

Is the Sears Credit Card owned by Citibank?

Sears and Citibank have teamed up to create a credit card that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted but also offers points on Sears purchases. Your bill will be sent from a Citibank address because Citibank is the card’s administrator. This form of co-branded card is now widely accessible from retailers in the United States.

Where Can I Use the Card?

The Sears credit card could be used at Sears, Kmart, and Land’s End shops and websites (a Sears spinoff).

The Sears MasterCard is accepted virtually everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Who Should Think About Getting a Sears Credit Card?

Although Sears is no longer what it once was, it has a long history of producing high-quality products, equipment, automotive parts, and gardening equipment. While it may not be the very first name that comes to mind when most people are considering a large house purchase these days, the webpage is worth comparing prices with other merchants.

The basic shop card could be useful if you live anywhere near one of the very few surviving Sears stores. A store locator is available on the company’s website.

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