Best Things to Know About Kohls Credit Card

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There’s a good possibility you live near a Kohl’s department store if you are in the United States. In terms of sales, Kohl’s department stores, a subsidiary of Kohl’s Corp, is the second-largest retail chain where people sell clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares, gifts, and other items.

So basically, Kohl’s is a family-friendly retailer that sells high-quality apparel at a low price.

It has a devoted following of customers thanks to its frequent discount deals, including coupons for up to 35 percent off retail items. Like most major retailers, Kohl’s offers a branded retail store card that can only be used at Kohl’s locations and on

It’s a closed-loop store card, which means you can only use it at Kohls.

As a cardholder, you’ll get discounts at Kohl’s, but you won’t be able to earn points or cashback like you would with a typical rewards credit card.

Fees and Drawbacks of the Kohl’s Charge Card

One of the most important drawbacks of the Kohl’s Charge card is the possibility to redeem rewards at any time. Your exclusive offers are only valid for a limited time – if you miss out, you’ll be out of luck.

Furthermore, because Kohl’s provides two other programs separate from the Kohl’s Charge card: Yes2You Benefits and Kohl’s Cash, your rewards can become complicated.

Yes2You gives customers one point for every dollar they spend, with a maximum payout of $5 for every 100 points.

Members of Yes2You also receive a free birthday present and have the opportunity to earn bonus points. Kohl’s Cash is a program that allows customers to earn $10 for every $50 they spend.

If you purchase online, the coupon will be delivered to you through email; if you shop in-store, the coupon will be handed to you as a coupon; and if you shop at an in-store kiosk, the coupon will be available.

The high APR is another significant disadvantage of the Kohl’s Charge card. With a rate of 24.99 percent, cardholders who carry a balance will soon rack up large interest fees, especially if they make low minimum payments over long periods. Furthermore, late fees might cost you up to $38.

Apply for Kohls Credit Card

A Kohl’s Charge card can be applied in-store or online. Kohl claims that if you prequalify while applying, your credit score will not be affected, implying that there would be no hard pull.

In general, a good credit score is required for acceptance, though those with somewhat lower ratings have been authorized in the past.

Some candidates will be approved immediately after a credit check, according to Kohl’s (and there are many instant approval credit cards out there).

However, some credit card applications may require additional examination, resulting in a 7 to 10 day wait time. Applicants should also be aware that they must be at least 18 years old to apply.


  • New cardholders can save 35% on their first transaction.
  • Year-round access to additional savings opportunities
  • Every year, there is a special anniversary promotion.
  • Kohl’s Charge reductions can be combined with Kohl’s Cash and rewards.
  • A chance to build as a Kohl’s Charge MVC (Most Valued Customer)
  • When compared to conventional rewards cards, the APR on the Kohl’s Card, as well as other retail shop cards, might be higher.
  • When your card arrives in the mail, you’ll get a 15% discount.
  • There is no annual cost.
  • Returns without a receipt on purchases purchased with the card Prior notice of Kohl’s Charge sales events.
  • My Kohl’s Charge is an online account management portal that allows you to manage your Kohl’s Charge account.

The Bottom Line

The Kohl’s Charge card is a no-brainer for frequent Kohl’s customers. With your Yes2You Rewards and Kohl’s Cash, you’re undoubtedly used to keeping track of promotion dates, so what’s a few more to add to the mix?

This isn’t the card for you if you don’t shop at Kohl’s regularly or can’t keep track of multiple coupons and their associated expiration dates.

It’s also not the card for you if you require a card for everyday use or want to earn rewards on every purchase; instead, opt for a general cash-back credit card.

Finally, if you’re looking for a card that rewards you with points and miles, this isn’t the card for you. In that situation, a travel rewards credit card will suffice.


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