Create a Shipping Policy: Tips, Examples and a Free Template

Create a Shipping Policy: Tips, Examples and a Free Template
Create a Shipping Policy: Tips, Examples and a Free Template

A well-tested delivery plan not only assists you in making positive and right assumptions regarding shipping time and cost but also serves as a resource if a client inquires about an order.

Delivery Strategy is a living business archive. We will update and adjust as your actions and situations change, especially if extraordinary factors compel you to adapt.

Put this item in a layout adjacent to your model if you’re establishing a new delivery strategy on the fly or modifying your present method to manage customer service demands. Covers the appropriate level of complexity and allows for debate. Brings a method for acquiring thoughts.

Create a Shipping Policy

What you cover for your transportation strategy and how you supply it will be highly dependent on your gift, commercial business obligations and saving network. The idea is to be completely honest with consumers.

As 2020 brings unexpected shipment delays and increased transporter prices, now is a better time than ever to live up to the present day by considering the following pertinent issues:


Fundamental shipping nuances aren’t difficult to get out. While it is not a difficult task to keep a link to your shipping strategy web page inside the bottom of your website online, keep in mind that you may also floor significant transportation nuances flawlessly situated at the ideal time (as an example for your object web page or web website online pennant. A concise and clear demonstration. Try no longer to make clients go around your delivery method web page for the information they want. Make it easy to find using tidy subheadings, tables, bolded text, and links to further information sooner rather than later.

Request response times. How long will it take to prepare a request for delivery after it is set? It’s worth communicating whether you’re excluding weekends and holidays, as well as if you have specified cutoff periods for handling requests (for example orders got after 5 pm will be handled the following workday). If changes occur inside your production network as a result of pinnacle periods or COVID-19, you should update your handling timings to reflect this.

Create a Shipping Policy: Tips, Examples and a Free Template
Create a Shipping Policy: Tips, Examples and a Free Template

Transportation options are available both locally and globally. What are the passing zones for your native modes of transportation? Worldwide transportation can be segregated into its section where you list the countries you sail to and evaluate conveyance routes of events. If you have a few transportation options, you may display them in a table so that the data is easy to check. Costs of delivery Separate your client’s shipping fees. Assuming you have free transportation, you can deliver in various places as a motivator for clients. Any possible surprise expenditures, such as responsibilities and duties imposed by the customer, should also be disclosed.

You may go around the area, make purchases over the Internet, then pick up your purchases. If you provide nearby transportation choices, such as B. nearby transportation or online purchases, you may explain what your consumers should inquire about and, of course, advertise your engagement in nearby transportation. I’m sure I can accomplish it. Returns, modifications, and returns are made simple. You may outline how discounts are evaluated, modification requests, exchanges, and cycles in the case of missing or damaged purchases, in addition to the required returns with a specialized goods exchange. Auxiliary diseases that might occur. Due to unpredictable variables, the order may take some time to materialize. The delivery plan page is where you may illustrate how long it takes and explain why to your consumers. Because of the pandemic and social distancing safety concerns, several brick-and-mortar shops have embraced local shopping by offering local delivery and buy online, pick up in-store shipping alternatives.

Each of these local possibilities has its own set of processes that must be carefully articulated to guarantee a positive client experience.

Amid the epidemic, Merchant of York, a business that offers home furnishings and houseplants, began favoring local sales and redesigned its shipping website with clear bullet points about how each option worked. The shop offers an estimated time of arrival for local deliveries and sets a window of availability for when items can be picked up.

If you rely significantly on local clients, you may also indicate the ZIP/postal codes you service, or take a cue from Storyteller Beverages and incorporate a map on your shipping page to graphically express your local delivery ranges. Billy! is a clothing and accessories company that divides its shipping policy into many shipping websites. In a simple two-part FAQ, their primary shipping page is created around the demands of the bulk of their consumers. However, this page also includes connections to supporting pages where consumers may learn more about order processing and overseas delivery. Delivery deadlines must be made more apparent for the consumer in specific instances, such as if your items are commonly ordered as a present or for any occasion. The importance of on-time arrival cannot be overstated when it comes to client happiness.


Kigurumi, a company that offers animal onesies, is one such firm that breaks out its delivery timetables by the state for both normal and priority shipping choices. Every shipping policy is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, this template should assist you in creating your own.

We strongly advise you not to utilize it as is. Instead, modify, adapt, enlarge, or rearrange the components below to meet the specific needs of your company. Your shipping policy does not have to dwell just on your shipping policy page. You may make it easy for customers to identify crucial areas by stating your policy anywhere customers may be hesitant to purchase due to shipping concerns.

The following are just a few examples of where you might showcase your shipping policy to help clients decide whether or not to place an order. Many online retailers reserve their website banners for high-priority shipment-related information, such as shipping price incentives, probable delay disclaimers, or alternative shipping choices such as local delivery.

When you anticipate shipment delays or a larger number of orders, one of the most efficient methods to communicate this to clients is through your website notice bar. These banners, which normally display at the top of an online store, are incorporated into many Shopify themes, but they may also be added to your site by using one of these Shopify apps.  Otherwise, you may use this space on your website to emphasize any shipping incentives that can entice users to make a purchase, such as free delivery on purchases over $75 or $5 flat rate shipping to the United States and Canada. Your footer is likely to be the first place a consumer looks for your shipping policy, as well as additional connections to self-service customer assistance.

If shipping is a major worry for your consumers, try putting your shipping page into your website navigation’s dropdown menu to make it more visible.

In most circumstances, though, a link in your footer should be enough. Customers frequently ask about shipping while exploring your product pages, providing them with another chance to highlight crucial features of your shipping policy.

Consider including a short paragraph about your free shipping offer or a dedicated product page tab for more thorough shipping information. Your FAQ page is another location where you may reiterate your shipping policy as well as other frequently asked concerns from customers.

Free Template

Remember that a FAQ page isn’t just for debugging customer issues, but also for dealing with any concerns customers may have while making a purchase. It’s an excellent area to showcase features of your shipping policy that can sway hesitant clients, such as your return policy or free shipping threshold. While it is not always essential, you may mark your shipping alternatives with your delivery times to help buyers choose the best option for them.

This is especially handy if you provide delivery times greater than a week and want to limit the number of clients who contact you with questions regarding their orders. Trust is the bedrock of every successful business, and your shipping policy guarantees that both you and your customers are on the same page.

When it comes to setting expectations, being clear and forthright helps clients decide to buy from you, and when the unexpected happens and your business operations alter, your shipping policy helps you preserve that hard-earned confidence.

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