What’s the Difference Between Landing Page vs Website?

Confused by both terms “Landing Page” and “Home Page‘?

Both words, although yet similar, actually means different things and they serve each purpose differently. The “Homepage” is akin to more like the very first impression your company makes when they see your website. Whereas a “Landing Page” is rather like a heartwarming handshake to your visitor and forming out a small part of that impression. In some cases, one can have more benefits than the other. Here in this guide, we will define what is the meaning of them in the business aspect and lay down the differences between them.

What is a Home Page?

A homepage is typically for giving out general information about your business or brand and sets an introductory atmosphere to the user. It allows them to explore and learn more about your business goal and endeavors by including elements like a navigation bar, which helps the user to scroll and look around the website more. It acts as a perfect gateway for you to spread awareness of the brand information to your potential customers. 

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is different from a typical Homepage, they are made for specific types of marketing goals, such as more conversions, form filling, lead generation, etc. They include unique elements different from the homepage to complete the desired action like an email listing, proceeding out a checkout, filling out a form, and more. These actions can be considered CTA or Call-to-Actions. In a nutshell, they remove any unnecessary distractions in front of the user, optimize your ad spend and ROI depending on various factors.

Differences between both terms

There are many differences between each of these terms when it comes to meaning from the business aspect. Both have different functions in respect to each other and have different goals such as your Homepage approaches the idea of an atmosphere which is based on exploring more info about your business, while the Landing Page of a website serves more of a role for fetching more leads and conversions for your sales. The major key difference between the both is the main focus for the visitor to perceive in.

When to use Landing Page and Homepage?

Many at first would struggle to decide on whether they should design a Landing page or a Home page first. Well, it mostly depends on your requirements as a whole. Incidentally, if you want to have a fresh start by designing a website first, then you should choose to design a Homepage instead. It will be the very first page that many visitors will take a look at. It should contain all the basic knowledge about your brand in little to no words and should contain engageable elements such as a navigation bar for more sections. As for the landing page, you should design and use it for PPC Advertising with elements like CTA Buttons, Lead Magnets with offers, friendly notices, and other miscellaneous things like A/B Testing for optimizing ROI.

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