Here are Some of The Top Best Marketing Tools for Online Businesses In 2022

op Best Marketing Tools for Online Businesses
op Best Marketing Tools for Online Businesses

Whether you are a small industry business looking for some handy work craft or a large multinational corporation with a long-term plan, having a reliable toolkit for marketing that easily accomplishes a large variety of tedious tasks is now a fundamental need for everyone. Otherwise, your business is just struggling to survive by a very thin margin than you think. 

Now that does sound scary at a first glance, but it makes sense. Statistical data shows that more than 31% of the business in 2020 have already moved their processes towards automation tech, with more than half of B2B companies planning to adopt and move into the new technological systems by the end of 2022. Moreover, it’s getting easier and easier for all types of businesses to take on this profitable approach. Gone are the days when you needed a very large marketing budget for advertising!

So you are wondering how you can also move towards a better business path and adopt this awesome everchanging methodology? Don’t worry, that’s where we at cubisolutions come in for! In no particular order, we have compiled a list of some of the top best Marketing Tools for Online Businesses that are sure to help you in 2022! 

Best Marketing Tools

1. Neilpatel Ubersuggest

Founded as a tool that scraped Google Suggest terms, Ubbersuggest is a reliable must-have SEO tool with a decent keyword database and comprehensive competitor research whose quality is just really good. It gives out all of the fundamental data like site audits, backlink analysis, and keyword ideas. It’s a must-try for any type of company that needs an SEO simplicity tool for all needs with a cheap budget!

Link: Ubersuggest

2. SEMrush

This one takes the cake for the spot in many of the recommendations on other sites. It’s just so popular and convenient to use that not using is like doing injustice to its massive convenience. SEMrush not only takes care of all of your SEO and SEM but also gives access to its world’s largest database of 20 billion keywords. It makes Digital Marketing seem like child’s play. We strongly recommend it to all types of businesses out there that want considerable growth in their sales.

Link: SEMrush

3. Mailchimp

Another one of the many popular choices for Email Marketing. Not only does it come with ready-to-use campaign templates, helps with designing professional-looking emails, and builds a powerful list of email subscribers but also comes with a handful of features like running A/B testing, building complex automation workflows, segmenting your email list, and more! It’s the perfect allrounder for all your emailing needs.

Link: Mailchimp

4. HubSpot

If you think about it in a way, HubSpot is just essentially Mailchimp but better with many automation features like marketing management, data centralization, and a handful suite of other tools with the power of CRM. It has numerous integrations including but not limited to WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more. Best if you need to handle more complex work with ease and flexibility.

Link: HubSpot

5. Google Analytics

Best paired with Google Search Console (which is another marketing tool that helps you analyze your site problems and optimize them for more traffic). It is effectively one of the best analytical tools out there and the best part, it’s free! It gives out vital information about your live websites such as the number of visits per Day/Week/Month/Year, referral links, search term keywords, bounce rate, geographical interest, etc. Overall, it’s very useful and important when you have a grasp on how it works and which metrics are the most useful for your business.

Link: Google Analytics

6. Smartlook

If you are flustered by the mountains of data produced by Google Analytics, yet you still want an amazing and effective yet easy-to-use alternative, then Smartlook might be the choice for you. Not only does it create a refreshing experience while using it, but it’s also very user-friendly with its customizable dashboard that gathers all the important data into one simple screen. It takes an analysis on mobile apps too, so it can come in very handy for any business marketing toolkit!

Link: Smartlook

7. Canva

Marketing your services and products should also come in vibrant colors and aesthetic theming. Canva helps you make powerful illustrations with a wide variety of tools and elements, ready to be used for your all graphical needs. It comes with many premade themes and templates to work on! It’s one of the things that you shouldn’t pass on.

How was the list of our tools containing some of the Best Marketing Tools for many Online Businesses? Did you find one which piqued your interest at most? Let us know in the comments below!

Link: Canva

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