How to start selling on E-Bay: 2022 Updated Guide

How to start selling on E-Bay: 2022 Updated Guide
How to start selling on E-Bay: 2022 Updated Guide

As of now, eBay is the second most popular marketplace for listings, with over 182 million active users as of the previous year and still growing. With numbers like this, it’s pretty hard to ignore a massive marketing opportunity like this. So how can one set up a successful eBay store and start profiting from its sales?

Well here in this guide, we are gonna take a look at which steps you need to go through before you can start selling your product. Without further mention, let’s just dive in!

1. Find the right thing to sell

First, find what type of products you want to sell at eBay. Then look if it is the right place to sell your products by checking the market demand, competition and looking for anything that makes your product unique then the others. Create the perfect business model that completely fits your goal and product listings. Craft the seller persona that you are gonna use to start selling and make profitable results. Remember, everything can be sold on eBay.

2 . Create an eBay Selling Account

After setting on which product you want to target, you should start by making an eBay account. Setting up an eBay account is very easy as all it takes is some information about you or your business and some minutes. For the steps, you will need to visit the Registration Page from the eBay website, fill out the form, and confirm your email address. After that, choose a plan/subscription that best suits all the business needs. You should integrate your Shopify account with your eBay through the eBay Shopify app as it helps you manage your business easily from just a simple dashboard. From here on, you are ready to start selling and make profitable sales!

3 . Find ways to Market your product

With you now ready to put up your products on the listen, you should then market them to derive more sales. Thankfully, eBay itself provides a handful of marketing tools for your all needs. The method of how it works is like eBay promoting your product in exchange for charging you in return, only after the product is sold. It sounds like a great deal isn’t it? eBay will help you gain the top number of results in search engine result pages, so you have better chances of deriving sales and profiting from it. The cut that goes to eBay is based on ad rates as well as your product’s final price. Since it’s easy to set up, no major configuration is needed and it assures that you are not wasting your money on unpredictable marketing. Unlike the very popular PPC (Pay-Per-Click), eBay takes on an easy-to-use and friendly marketing approach, making your sales profitable on a long-term road! You must also try auctioning and setting the price competitively, so there are higher chances of more conversions deriving from your product.

How to start selling on E-Bay: 2022 Updated Guide
How to start selling on E-Bay: 2022 Updated Guide

eBay can be a good marketplace for selling items as with proper strategic decisions and well approached out planned, you could be making some serious profit from it. Well, how was our updated eBay guide? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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