How to Use Google Trends Search for New Trending Content

How to use google trends search for new trending content
How to use google trends search for new trending content

The Google search trends report is an incredible asset in which you dig into the users habits to gain access to unlimited best content ideas.

If you are struggling to come up with great content ideas, then google trends will prove best for you.

Google Trends is an effective tool that gives you with key insights about the extent of Google searches for precise subjects or search terms, in addition to the geographic places wherein those search queries are maximum popular.

You can break down the place after which topic, such as categories like actors, TV shows, sports activities teams, songs, and plenty of more. While this report can virtually generate year-quit nostalgia, it additionally gives a completely unique attitude into the phrases that received the maximum search extent and traction withinside the final year.

How to use google trends search for new trending content
How to use google trends search for new trending content

Now Let’s unpack the Google Search Trends reports to flash out your content calendar for 2022

By using Google trends, you can simply determine the topics people search for most. So if you write the content on that topic, believe me, it will be the best option to increase the user engagement and build good relationships with them.

Let’s look at the Top trending popular searches people are interested in by region. For example, if we search in Pakistan, you will get some search of:

  • E-commerce
  • Squid Game
  • T20 Worldcup
  • Amazon

You can also filter out the results by year, country. So you can easily generate the content that is trending, and the most important tip is here you can rank your content on that particular topic quickly, not just in a specific country but also globally.

Next, you can break down the searches into further queries or topics like:

  • Entertainment
  • SportsEnvironment
  • E-commerce in Pakistan
  • Amazon trend in Pakistan

In this case, you will get all your low search volume results by generating like this. You will write the content on any particular topic, for example, “The future of eCommerce in Pakistan” or “Trend of eCommerce in Pakistan.

If you are passionate about generating some content like your favorite topic, then just put that specific query on the Google search trends to check the Trend of those keywords, how’s it going, and what are the other keywords that relate to this. When you put the keyword in the search bar, you will see some best content ideas that help you to build the best content strategy to rank on.

Let’s say you search for e-commerce by applying the filter of Pakistan’s country for the past 12 months.

You will see “B2B eCommerce,” “E-commerce payment system,” “business-to-consumer,” etc.

Similarly, search the main niche keyword and check what content ideas pop up.

Create More Attractive Content

So now you come up with the keywords. Now it’s time to generate the content. Make your content attractive by adding an SEO-friendly headline/title. As there are many headline generators out there, but you can also install the monster insights into your WordPress to check the score of your title. Then don’t forget to add friendly lines into your content that help the readers not to feel bored while reading your content. Add some fun words, polls, stickers or slides, images, infographics that help to engage the audience more. In the end, add some FAQs, and conclusion, and a call to action so they will be more likely to comment on your blog by sharing their thoughts.

Search the topics that are trending to make content on them, for example, the seasoned content like in November, you see the preparations of Christmas and for Pakistanis “the birth of Quaid-e-Azam” and at the end of December the new year resolution.

Such type of seasoned content helps you to get more visitors when you make any giveaway about these topics; people will be more likely to type your domain/website name.

You can give some tips on Christmas and new year decorations in-home or any Quaid-e-Azam inspirational content.

You can also generate the topics around “Spring or Autumn festivals that get more rank and visitors.

Leverage your Keyword Data

Google ranks pages consistent with who it’s maximumly applicable for, so incorporating geographic nuance into your content material can assist it in ranking for the maximum human beings, especially if the one’s human beings start to sell their content material on social media blogs and podcasts.

Google Trends keyword data through the geographic place may be used for figuring out what regions are the quality to outreach to for web website online advertising or for tailoring the content material to unique regions.

For example, if certain varieties of merchandise are famous in Washington D.C. and Texas, it makes sense to intend promotional interest and localized content material to the one’s regions.

Keyword recognition data through the location is precious for hyperlink building, content material creation, content material advertising, and pay-per-click.

Localizing content material could make it extra applicable to human beings interested in that content material.

Time-Sensitive Content

Be smart while creating your content; give your audience fear of missing out on something that is also called FOMO. Give your customers time-sensitive offers into your content so they will be more likely to buy your one-day deal until they miss out.

For example, if you want to sell some book, you will give it a title of “Don’t miss out the two day deal with the discount offer.”

Create More Visually Appealing Content

Make sure to add a video about content with the 2d animation because if you add some colorful content, people will be attracted to this and read your post just like on Instagram & YouTube or TikTok.

Plan Advertising

40% of manufacturers need to book their PPC budget. But you don’t usually want extra coins to place into Google Ads. You could make the price range you have work harder–the use of Google Trends.

Use Google Trends for assistance to discover seasonal marketplace traits for paid search. Knowing whilst demand goes to be excessive for a product or service lets us to plot our budgets thus to maximize publicity and seize motive whilst it’s at its peak.”

This, in reality, enables you to walk a PPC campaign. This can effortlessly lessen your CPC and get you the target market that converts well.”

Create Passionate Content

This will be your favorite subheading because everybody loves to make their favorite content. For me, let us say I love digital marketing, E-commerce related type niches, and I’ve no interest in the mom blog niche or in educational writing. So I will love to write about my passion. You can also create courses, ebooks by leveraging your favorite niche topics.


The google search trends report provides you a close look at the every year trending topic by leveraging the country filter like as we searched above, e-commerce, squid games, entertainment, etc.

You can easily create a content calendar that speaks to the topics users care about and engage about.

You can perform in-depth keyword research to find new niches for your target.

So what’s your loving thing that you’ve learned from the Google Search Trends reports? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Best of luck with your digital marketing journey!

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