The most beneficial metrics to measure on your WordPress website

there are a lot of new WordPress site owners and new developers, with no experience. they do not have the skill to increase traffic on their site. their main concern is: what should we do to increase traffic. and our answer to them is: start measuring important metrics on your site. there are various metrics that should be measured. in this article, we have talked about some of the metrics that you should be measuring to increase your website traffic.

1. Measure Sessions on your site

the best thing to measure first is web traffic. To calculate it, you can see the amount of sessions on

the website/page. every session refers to a single visit on your page.

The most effective way to calculate and see your web traffic is to use monsterinsights. In

monsterinsights, you can simply access the amount of session on your side by going into the report

section of insights and then choosing the option overview and see the results.

2. Measuring top referral links

the next best thing to measure on your WordPress website is top referral links . Top referral links are

basically affiliate links associated with your page, they are likely to help your page gain more traffic.

You can call them referral links too…

Using this metric, you can see which websites are sending traffic to your page.

This can be a great option to discover similar pages.

3. Measuring top countries

do you ever think which country majority of your visitors are from?

You can see the the country that majority of your visitors are from by using Monsterinsights by

utilizing the top countries metric.

By looking at the from top countries metric. You can customize your content to upto consumer

liking .

For example, majority of your traffic is from pakistan.

If you have a food blog, then you can create 5 best pakistani food article. Or if you have a tech blog

then you can create 7 best budget laptops in pakistani markets article.

This can help your page gain more traffic because your viewers can share your blog to their

relatives and close friends…

4. Measuring outbound links

another very important metric to measure are outbound links, these are links of your content that

originate from other pages. A user who clicks on this type of link is redirected to another page or


By measuring outbound links you can determine the most clicked link and you will have a

opportunity to form new relations and partnership with other similar contend creators.

You can also get feedback from your traffic by changing your content acceptable to them.

5. Demographics

another metric to have an accurate calculation of is demographics . It will help you to get to know

your audience better. You can then start to offer products or content based on audience preference.

A very special thing about demographics is that they facilitate you in finding wordpress consumer


For example, if you own an online gaming store. If majority of your audience is looking for last gen

consoles, you can start to sell more of those.

Thats the basic thing, to attract audience by providing content upto their expectations and


Same is the case with blogs. If you are a content writer writing blog about cooking. And majority of

your audience is interested in south asian cuisine. then you can start to post south asian recipes.

Conclusion : there are a lot of metrics that you can measure. But we have mentioned the most

important ones as they can help you get more traffic. We hope this article helped you in attracting

more traffic on your WordPress site.

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Written by Uzma Akbar

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