22 Lucrative and Low-Cost Small Business Ideas

22 Lucrative and Low-Cost Small Business Ideas
22 Lucrative and Low-Cost Small Business Ideas

The prospect of opening a business can be very exciting. However, many business ideas necessitate investment of time and money, and there are risks to them as well.

Despite various assumptions, several business ideas are there that allow you to focus on getting started rather than costs.

The business ideas that we are going to mention in this article are ideal for novices, and people with a hectic schedule, because these ideas allow you to start your side business without having to drop anything else.

This article will give you a good insight into almost every aspect of pursuing a side business idea in 2022.

22 Lucrative and Low-Cost Small Business Ideas
22 Lucrative and Low-Cost Small Business Ideas

we have listed most of the side business ideas out there:

1. Podcasting

podcasting is a very viable side business idea in 2022, all you need to do is build a specific niche and attract an audience towards that perspective. But there is a con, podcasting equipment can sometimes be expensive and may require investment, but overall compared to the earning that you can make by podcasting. Investment is worth it.  

2. Phone case business

Mobile accessories are in trend these days. Amazon is a great marketplace for cell phone accessories, especially phone cases and covers. If you make handmade cases, then selling on Etsy is a good idea. You can release a yearly collection in which you can include cases for phones that are in demand.

3. Affiliate marketing

If you are a content creator or blogger then you can generate a good income by putting backlinks and redirect links to a sales page. But you need to join a good affiliate network, like Rakuten. Affiliate marketing can help you make money from the content that you are creating already.

4. Tax preparation

if you are good with numbers then you can start this business because this business requires no investment. Many families need to file their taxes every year. You can prepare taxes for these people at a fair price. If they feel that you are good at this job, then there is a good chance that those people can hire you permanently to sum their yearly taxes.

5. Local business consulting

if you have a set of skills and are familiar with your industry, then you can provide consultation to novices in the field of business. You can open up a forum related to business or you can provide in-office consultation and also online consultation can be provided through cloud meeting apps like zoom and skype.

6. Travel consultant

you can provide consultancy to people who want to travel, be it overseas travel or inter-city travel. You can acknowledge your customer about the best landmarks in a city. You can also organize their trips and get your commission. you can become an affiliate with bus service or airline to provide discounted tickets to your customer.

7. Presentation design consultant

you can monetize your power point skill through this business. If you are good at fundamentally and accurately creating and designing power point presentations, then this business is perfect for you. This business is extremely viable because you are utilizing your own skill set, so there is a need for any investment also.

8. Keyword landing specialist

if you have good knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO). And you are good at hunting keywords for blogs. You can provide your SEO-based services to companies for a good price, not many people provide SEO services. Your value in the market will increase significantly if you provide SEO-based services. This is also a very viable side business idea.

9. Interior design consultancy

someone is building a room or a kitchen, they need proper consultation about design and color. For that, people would pay you a good price. Especially if you visit that particular sight where the construction is taking place. By that, you could a better look and you will be able to give more viable advice.

10. Baby sitter

baby sitting is a good business for those who love children and want someone to gain their attention. The spectrum of baby sitting does not only revolve around teenager, adults can also baby sit to generate good income. You can work weekend nights if you won’t mind those odd hours.

11. Property Manager

you can become a property manager and rent out residential places, like villas and houses, if you are someone who knows real estate and property dealing, then this the best business idea for you out there. You can open up an office and get certification license from the state government, you should expand your radius to different localities and residential areas. This can be your main business as well as your side business.

12. College Admissions Essay tutor and editor

if you are good at compelling speeches and writing essays, you can help out students in writing and editing their college admission essays. Many parents will pay you a fair price to tutor their kids for college admission essay, they might offer you some extra cash for editing those essays as well.

13. Wedding Photographer

As for as cash is concerned this is one of the highest-paid side businesses, this business is offers very premium prices because you are capturing the best life moments of a couple. Majority wedding photographers charge some where between 2000 to 20,000 dollars.

14. Writing Fiction

Thrilling stories like those of werewolves, tigers, vampires. The demand for stories like these is very high, if you are good at imagining and compelling stories then you can make around $500 a month just by writing your own stories because they have a good market out there. You can write these stories in your free time.

15. Writing Greeting Cards

If you are good at graphic designing then designing  greeting cards is a great option for you as a side business in 202. the earning scale of this side business goes up to $3000 a month. You can include some poetry or quotes according to the purpose of the card. be it a wedding card or birthday card month.

16. Online News Journalist

you can write articles for news forum blogs if you are familiar with journalism. There is no requirement of any degree or certification, all you need to do is to keep in touch with latest news and world wide affairs. This is a home job, means that you wont to leave house.

17. Buy used electronics and refurbish them

You can buy faulty electronic and repair them in your free time and sell them as used. This business has very good earning potential. You can choose a specific niche, for example mobile phone repairing.

18. Licensed product Distributor

you can become a licensed product distributor by importing and licensing a product which is not officially licensed in your country. This business idea is very viable because people would not have to import these products by themselves and pay shipping taxes, rather they would buy from you because you will save them their time and money.

19. Selling online Garments

If you are good at designing clothes and are familiar with market places like Etsy, then this business idea will for you very well. All you need is creativity and flexible schedule. Hand sewn clothes are very valuable in the market and have a specific niche to them.

20. Home Based Makeup Service

If you are good at doing makeup and have the skill to fascinate every client of yours. Then you should offer home based makeup service, in contrast to opening a saloon. you can go on online market places where people could hire you to do their makeup, earning potential is matchless, because monthly earning of this side business is around $2000.

21. Writing And Editing Resume

Writing a resume is also a very viable business idea. You do,nt need any degree for this side business idea.All you need is writing skills, make sure that you write persuasive and attracting content. Most people these days are on a busy schedule. So they need someone to write resume for their job application. Another thing is that not a lot of people have skill to write their resume, so they need a professional to help them out.

22. Rent Your Space

You can rent out your space for venue like birthday parties, weddings and gatherings, unique venues  like warehouse boat or studio tenting out these free spaces will make you a good amount. This a very flexible side business idea to pursue in 2022,


If you are on a tight budget and want to make some extra cash then you can pursue any business idea that we have mentioned. Find a business partner who is willing to invest and and take partial ownership. Start slow if you are on a tight budget, present your thoughts and ideas to someone who can fund your business, consider getting a loan, building a specific niche, and growing. If we have missed anything then let us know in the comments, we appreciate your feedback.

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